Appliance Recall List

Black & Decker Cordless LawnMower Charger

Black & Decker have identified a potential safety problem with their lawnmower chargers which under certain curcumstances could pose a fire risk. The chargers affected are supplied with the following Lawnmowers.

GRC730 / GRC750 / GRC450 -Rotary Lawnmowers.

GFC2438 / GFC1234 / GFC1238 -4 x 4 Lawnmowers.

If you have one of the above Lawmowers you should STOP using the charger immediately and contact Black & Decker customer services on Freephone 0800 444 282 to arrange for a replacement.

This recall notice does not effect the Lawnmower JUST the charger.

Chargers for ALL OTHER Black & Decker products are NOT affected.

Issued in The Times

23th Feb 2001

Appliance Recall List