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Toshiba LCD TV Plug & Cord set

A potential safety issue has been identified concerning the plug and cord sets incorporated into Toshiba LCD TVs, which have been on sale through High street. retailers from September 2004 to August 2005.

The potentially faulty BETTER WIRE plug and cord sets are incorporated into the following LCD television models:

In certain, rare circumstances, it is possible that these BETTER WIRE plug and cord sets could melt, causing a small risk of injury and/or fire.

The risk is low and no injuries have been reported.

Please check the model number on the label which is at t he back of the TV unit.

Only models which are equipped with a BETTER WIRE plug are affected by this potential fault. The BETTER WIRE logo can be identified on the face of the plug as shown in the diagram.

If you have the relevant Toshiba LCD model as above, which is also equipped with a BETTER WIRE plug and cord set, please turn off the TV immediately, disconnect it from the mains and do not use the TV until they have provided a replacement plug and cord set.

Owners should telephone the following FREE Toshiba Customer Care line in order to obtain a replacement plug and cord set and arrange the return of the Better Wire plug and cord set: 0800 33 43 53

For Customers resident of the Republic of Ireland please call: 1800 777 000

Toshiba will then forward a replacement cord set.

Please do not contact the retailer directly.

Further information can also be found at website address

Source :- The National Press

15th May 2006

Appliance Recall List