Appliance Recall List

02X1 Mobile Phone, Battery & Charger

02 is recalling the 02 X1 mobile phone, battery and charger.

They have received reports of a very small number of 02 X1 mobile phones overheating while charging, creating a fire risk. The phone was sold in the UK from September 2003 in 02 retail stores and other mobile retailers.

If you have an 02 X1 mobile phone, They ask you to return it, with the battery and charger, and they will provide you with a replacement mobile phone.

The 02 X1i and 02 X1b are not affected by this product recall.

Please note, They will be imposing a call bar on all 02 X1 handsets from Monday 27 March 2006.

They would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause Their customers and to thank you for your co-operation.

For further information including how to return the 02 X1 and details on the replacement phone please visit or call

0800 902 0212

Source :- The National Press

23rd March 2006

Appliance Recall List