Transmille 5080

The Transmille 5080 is a battery operated PAT Tester. Automatic test routines are initiated via a single button. Pass or fail is clearly shown using bright red/green LED bar displays for each test - this makes reading and understanding the results easy for all levels of users. Pass / fail limits scale automatically with the earth bond current used, the lead length and the test type. Readings are also displayed on a digital LCD. The Transmille testers are the only battery operated testers that will perform a high current Earth Bond test (25A & 10A) and a 230V Leakage Current test.

Transmille 5080 PAT Tester

Transmille 5080 Summary

Earth Bond Test 25A, 10A
IT Earth Continuity Test YES -100mA
Insulation Test Voltage 500V
Load Test NO
Earth Leakage Test YES
Touch Current Test NO
Sub Leakage Test NO
Polarity Test NO
Downloadable YES
Memory Size UNKOWN
Qwerty Keyboard NO
Flash Test NO
110V Load Test NO
Barcode Reader Compatible NO
Direct Printing NO