Testing RCD's

Suggested testing intervals for portable RCD's

Type of environment in which equipment is used Push-button test(by user) Test for operation By an Electrician
Factories, workshops and places of work of manufacturing, repair, assembly, maintenance or fabrication Daily, or before every use,whichever is the longer 12 months
Other commercial environments with no special protection, eg., laboratories, tea rooms, office kitchens, and health care establishments 3 months, or before every use, whichever is the longer 2 years
Office environment where equipment is not subject to constant flexing of the supply cord 3 months 2 years
Hire equipment Before each hire Before each hire

Testing of non-portable RCDs on switchboards or inbuilt into socket outlets must be carried out on a regular basis. This includes both push button testing by the user and inspection testing for operation by an electrician. Unless operated from time to time, an RCD may "mechanically freeze" and not trip when required.
Push-button testing by the user only confirms satisfactory mechanical performance of the tripping mechanism of the RCD. It does not replace inspection testing for operation by a licensed electrical worker.
As non-portable RCDs are far less susceptible to damage than portable RCDs, they are not subjected to the same testing and inspection procedures.In the case of non-portable RCDs, push button testing is recommended at three monthly intervals.

After tripping out, an RCD must be re-activated only when the cause of the trip has been established and remedial action taken.