Appliance Recall List

Tesco 1000W Lawnmower

Tesco 1000W Lawnmower Model number: ELM032012

Tesco is taking the precautionary measure of recalling Tesco 1000W Lawnmowers due to identifying that a small number of mowers may overheat and potentially catch fire during use.

Only model number ELM032012 is affected. Customers can identify the model from the rating plate positioned on the front of the lawnmower.

No other Tesco lawnmowers are affected

What you should do:

Do not use the mower and return to the Tesco store where it was purchased, or your nearest superstore or Extra for a full refund. No receipt is required

Contact details:

For further information please call Customer Services on UK 0800 505 555

Applicable to:

*Customers who have purchased the product in UK/ROI stores or through Tesco Direc

Appliance Recall List