Appliance Recall List

Tchibo Hammer Drill

Sold in January 2007 Artikel-No.23 49 85

Tchibo asks you no longer to use the "hammer drill " sold in January 2007) and to return it.

Tchibo takes care to only sell products that have been subjected to extensive internal and external safety tests. The drill was also tested by the renowned technical inspection agencies TÜV Austria and Intertek. The drill got a GS certificate (GS =tested safety).

Despite this, they have now ascertained a safety risk: If the drill is dropped the body may break and live parts may become exposed.

They have therefore decided to recall this item with immediate effect.

Tchibo therefore asks you no longer to use this hammer drill and to return it to them. They apologise for the inconvenience and will of course reimburse you in full.

Should you require any further information, please call their free service number on 0800 0836660. Their team is happy to help

Source :- Trading Standards

15th March 2007

Appliance Recall List