Appliance Recall List

Kleeneze Universal Plug Adaptor

Warning: Product recall - Potential Electrical Shock Hazard

A safety problem with the Travel Universal adaptor, Kleeneze item number: 096610-76 (shown as UNI PLUG ADAPT 56966105 on the packaging), has been discovered, which can potentially cause a risk of electrical shock. The product itself also has the reference "NO:931L" stamped on the casing. Product sold between 29/02/2012 and 29/06/2012

We are recalling these products and are asking you to stop using them immediately and to remove them from the reach of children.

Please return the item to your Kleeneze distributor for a full refund. If you are not able to contact your distributor, please call Kleeneze Customer Services on 0844 848 5000 for further advice.

Appliance Recall List