Appliance Recall List

Braun Satin Pro and Braun Satin Hair Colour Hairdryers

As a precautionary measure, Braun is voluntarily recalling Braun Satin Pro and Braun Satin Hair Colour Hairdryers produced between April 2007 and November 2008. No other hairdryers or appliances are affected, so consumers can continue to use them with confidence.

This recall is being initiated because a small number of these hairdryers have failed to meet Braunís quality standards and present a safety risk if not used according to the usage instructions. In particular, there is a small risk that the affected hairdryer may short-circuit, over-heat and start burning if left plugged in, in a very humid environment, even when switched off.

Therefore, after confirming that they have an affected hairdryer, consumers are asked to immediately unplug the hairdryer and to not use it any further.

The Braun hairdryers being recalled have the Product Type number "3549" and Production Codes from "701" to "852". The Product Type number is printed on the hairdryer handle, and the Production Code is printed on the inlet grid which can be found after removing the protection filter at the rear of the appliance.

For further information consumers should visit the Braun website

Appliance Recall List