Appliance Recall List

Berghaus Heatcell Gilet EX-02 Battery

Through strict quality control procedures, Berghaus has detected that on rare occasions, the circuit boards within the rechargeable EX-02 batteries used to power the Heatcell area within the Gilet may overheat if damaged causing a potential fire hazard.

Investigations have clarified the defect and a new circuit board battery and protective casing to prevent damage has been developed by EX-02.

To date, Berghaus has only received notification of one (1) occurrence of defective batteries worldwide and no other items within the Heatcell range are affected. No cases of personal injury have been reported, but as a reflection of Berghaus' commitment to safety and product quality, any customers having purchased a Heatcell Gilet are invited to return the battery for a free replacement battery*.

Batteries, together with contact details should be returned to:

Berghaus Ltd

Customer Services Team on: 0191 516 5700 and choose option 4.

Appliance Recall List