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Bunky - Bedside Light Recall

Model Numbers: 6910 and 6910R
On sale since January 2006

We have recently become aware of 2 possible safety issues with Bunky.

1. If the head of the lamp is covered by a blanket or duvet, it can overheat, and it is possible that this could cause a minor burn.
2. While replacing the CFL lamp, wiring within the ballast could be exposed. If the lamp has not been unplugged, this could result in an electric shock.

As Europe's leader in child-safe lighting, these risks, though small, are unacceptable to us.

We are not aware of any injuries being caused by these problems, but we are still asking anyone who has bought a Bunky to return it to us for free of charge replacement and reimbursement of your postage costs.

Important: Bunky is still one of the most child-safe reading lamps available.
While waiting for your replacement, please do not as a temporary measure put an ordinary lamp with a GLS light bulb or a Halogen bulb within your child's reach unless it has been specifically designed for a child's bedroom. These lamps present a significant risk of burning or electric shock to any child.

For free replacement and reimbursement of your postage, please return your Bunky Bedside Light direct to:

Spearmark International Ltd, Howard road, Eaton Socon, St Neots, PE19 8GA

Please do not return your Bunky to the shop where you bought it, they will not be able to give you a replacement.

If you require further information or have specific questions or concerns please either:

Phone: 01480 222324

We sincerely apologise to our customers for any inconvenience.

Source :- Spearmark

13th March 2004

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