Appliance Recall List

Advent and Ei System Notebook Computer Batteries

Advent and Ei System are taking the precautionary measure of recalling certain batteries supplied with the notebook computers listed below.

Customer safety is always our priority and we have identified that some batteries do not meet our strict quality and safety standards - they could fail and cause a potential safety hazard. Not all batteries are affected and the computers themselves are not affected. No other products are affected by this recall.

Users of these computers should stop using the battery immediately (the computer will continue to work via the mains A/C cable) and then visit or ring our free phone number 0800 0778019 (Ireland 1800 700001) to determine if your battery is affected.
Helplines open Mon - Sat 9am - 7pm

Please visit the website or call the helpline even if you were already aware of this recall and have already checked your battery. A re-check is necessary because the number of batteries affected has recently increased due to updated information from our battery supplier. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

  Affected models:  
Advent K4000 Advent 9215 Ei System 1201
Advent K6000 Advent 9315 Ei System 4113
Advent KC500-B Advent 9517 Ei System 4115C
Advent KC500-R Advent 9617 Ei System 4213
Advent KC500-P Advent 1115C Ei System 4215C
Advent 9115 Advent6301 Ei System 4315
Advent 9117 Advent 9415  

Appliance Recall List