Metrel OmegaPat MI 2140

Metrel Omegapat MI2140 Pat Tester

The Metrel OmegaPat has all the features of Metrel BetaPat but also includes the Flash Test function (also known as dielectric strength testing or hi-pot testing) making this tester suitable for repair and production testing. The full qwerty keyboard allows for fast data entry and has 120 pre-programmed auto test sequences, and a further 50 user programmable test sequences.

The OmegaPat can store 4,000 test results in it's internal memory and can be used with a barcode scanner for quickly logging the appliance number and selecting autotest sequences. The appliance number, appliance description, building, room, user, re-test period, repair code and additional comments can be stored for each test.

This tester is dual voltage 230V/110V and will power up from a 110V power source to test 110V equipment. The OmegaPat is house in a robust waterproof case with a useful storage section in the lid for carrying labels, adaptors, screwdrivers etc. whilst testing.

Metrel OmegaPat Summary

Earth Bond Test 25A,10A,4A
IT Earth Continuity Test YES -100mA
Insulation Test Voltage 500V & 250V
Load Test YES
Earth Leakage Test YES
Touch Current Test YES
Sub Leakage Test YES
Polarity Test YES
Downloadable YES
Memory Size 4000 TESTS
Qwerty Keyboard YES
Flash Test YES
110V Load Test YES
Barcode Reader Compatible YES
Direct Printing YES