Martindale EasyPat 2100

Martindale's Easypat 2100 PAT tester is a dual voltage PAT tester with a simple push button test selection, digital display gives accurate readings.

- 25A, 8A and 100mA (for computers, etc) earth
bond tests selectable with a simple rocker switch

martindale easypat 2100 PAT Tester

EasyPAT 2100 Summary

Earth Bond Test 8A & 25A
IT Earth Continuity Test YES -100mA
Insulation Test Voltage 500V
Load Test YES
Earth Leakage Test YES
Touch Current Test NO
Sub Leakage Test NO
Polarity Test YES
Downloadable NO
Memory Size N/A
Qwerty Keyboard NO
Flash Test YES
110V Load Test YES
Barcode Reader Compatible NO
Direct Printing NO