Visual Inspection

Formal visual inspections should only be carried out by persons competent to do so. The results of the inspection must be documented.

The following must be considered when carrying out the inspection

Suitability of the equipment/environment

The equipment should be assesed for its suitability for the environment or the nature of the work being undertaken. When the work environment is harsh or hazardous particular care needs to be taken when selecting the equiopment and assessing the frequency of inspection and testing.

Good Housekeeping

A check should be made to ensure the equipment is installed and is being operated in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. Notwithstanding the manufacturers instuctions, the following are examples of items which should be checked:

Disconnection of equipment

The means of isolation from the electricity supply must be readily accessible to the user, i.e. in normal circumstances it must be possible to reach the plug and socket without to much difficulty.

The condition of the equipment

Prior to the commencement of the users should be asked if they are aware of any faults and if the equipment works correctly. The following items need to be inspected:

Some of the following checks may not be possible for equipment fitted with a non-rewirable plug