Fire Warning

FIRE chiefs are advising households to take extra care after a ‘plug-in’ air freshener caught fire in a house in Grove recently.

Ten firefighters and two fire engines, attended the incident in Grove recently and when firefighters entered the building they discovered a small fire on the first floor landing of the house where a ‘plug-in’ air freshener had over-heated in an electrical wall socket.

Luckily the fire had not spread further than the immediate area surrounding the wall socket but reminders about the importance of smoke alarms are being emphasized.

Incident support officer, David Bray, said:"The residents of the property had working smoke detectors in their home which went off and raised the alarm. This enabled them to get out of the house safely and call the Fire and Rescue Service. If they hadn’t had working smoke alarms the outcome could have been tragic.

"I would urge home-owners to make absolutely sure that they have working smoke alarms on each floor of their property. It’s also vital that non-essential electrical equipment is unplugged when it’s not being used, or when the property is left unattended."